The optimization of business processes will lead to a lot of potential benefits:

  • disclosure of duplication and redundancy
  • waiver or reduction of unnecessary administration
  • simplification and / or standardization of processes
  • relieving employees from routine tasks
  • automation and digitization (e-business) of process elements
  • optimizing the execution of activities
  • fail-safe or fault-tolerant design of activities
  • identification and stopping unnecessary activities
  • optimize the division of labor


SlideBuilder... the Program for Powerpoint Presentations

  • With the program SlideBuilder you will create in shortest time professional Powerpoint and Impess Presentations.
  • In a database SlideBuilder offers 200 ideas and templates for presentations. The templates can directy be exported to Powerpoint.
  • SlideBuilder uses a visual systematics with a graphical navigator.
  • Figures, facts or existing presentations might be effectivly treated.

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We offer a selection of more than 2000 Templates for Powerpoint and Impress for the topics:

dependencies processes
activities analysis
accessment decision
business process history
chain reaction communication
conflict maps
model mindmap
networks organization
orientation plus / minus
portfolio project
sociology strategy
structure scenario
text change
confusion vision
value chain resistance
workshop numbers
symbols goals


A summary of the templates can be seen in our program SlideBuilder.

Presentation Graphics

2000 Samples for Powerpoint and Impress

The book is written for readers who intend to create professional presentations or who are looking for inspiration for the visual design of information under the use of drawing programs.

The book aims to designers, graphic designers, consultants, engineers, project managers and other interested parties to help optimize visualization presentations and fix problems.

In the chapter documents the reader will find numerous color ideas and suggestions, grouped by themes from private and professional life.

In the context of a corporate planning and business startup, we advise on:

  • check a founding concept
  • reviewing business plans and entrepreneurial concepts
  • creation of complete business plans / business plans
  • coaching company founders
  • development of business strategies
  • development of a product policy (product, service, assortment strategies)
  • check on e-business capability of the business, developing an e-business business model
  • market and competitive analysis
  • Franchising Check

info1All phases of business planning or starting up a business can be treated with our programs bizone starter  bzw. bizone enterprise .