Owner: Dr. Zsolt Szabó

Industries experiance: automotive, banking, construction, electronics, semiconductor, instrumentation, software, telecommunications, management consulting

biz.one enterprise .... stratigic und operational Planning

  • With the implemented Harvard Planning Method you will create in shortest time a professional business plan with all the important content.
  • With biz.one enterprise you will plan business goals, product portfolio, industry and site analyzes, market and competitive analysis, research and development, production, marketing mix, risk management, quality management, investments, etc. ....
  • The financial plan includes sales planning, depreciation, variable and fixed costs, cost accounting, profit margins, profit and loss statement, cash flow / liquidity, balance sheet and key figures.
  • A wizard helps you with the operation, an entrepreneurial check checks the plan, integrated is an online manual with over 300 page.

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Project Management Information (PMI)

  • Integrierte Software für Management und Controlling von Projekten.
  • Weitreichende grafische Darstellungen, Ampeln, Kurven, Kennzahlen.
  • Anzeige von: Soll/Ist, Umsatz, Gewinn, Cash-flow, Kosten, Trendanzeige, Drilldown, Planung von Massnahmen, Gantt Balken der Aktivitäten, Überlagerung von Projektrisiken und -claims, Unterauftragnehmer, Rechnungsstellung, Änderungen.
  • Schnittstelle zu Planungsprogrammen (Primavera).
  • Umfangreiches Reporting.


The optimization of business processes will lead to a lot of potential benefits:

  • disclosure of duplication and redundancy
  • waiver or reduction of unnecessary administration
  • simplification and / or standardization of processes
  • relieving employees from routine tasks
  • automation and digitization (e-business) of process elements
  • optimizing the execution of activities
  • fail-safe or fault-tolerant design of activities
  • identification and stopping unnecessary activities
  • optimize the division of labor


SlideBuilder... the Program for Powerpoint Presentations

  • With the program SlideBuilder you will create in shortest time professional Powerpoint and Impess Presentations.
  • In a database SlideBuilder offers 200 ideas and templates for presentations. The templates can directy be exported to Powerpoint.
  • SlideBuilder uses a visual systematics with a graphical navigator.
  • Figures, facts or existing presentations might be effectivly treated.

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